Betty White


“I really wanted to paint Betty White and with my search for a reference photo I fell in love with an old vintage photo (from 1949 I think) of her when she was younger (Probably not her most well-known look as she is better known since the Golden Girls series)

Her face on this stone is very small, too small to capture a good likeness as you can’t add the intricacies around her eyes, nose and mouth that is needed to get a good likeness, so I settled with capturing the essence and feel of the reference photo instead of a more realism look. I love this photo of Betty White and I hope I did her essence justice.

Betty White would have been 100 years old on Monday. What an absolute legend she was.

Acrylic paint on Santorini stone from Capcouriers. Self-taught miniature rock artist, freehand painting with Princeton mini detailer brushes and Winsor & Newton series 7 round brushes”

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