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Painted Fishy Pebbles

Step-by-step photos on how to paint a Fish onto a pebble. The best colours for Fishies are Dragonfly Blue, Vespa …

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Celebration Table Initials

Whatever you may be celebrating, you can hand paint your own unique Name Initial rocks to adorn your Celebration Table. …

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Dotting a Mandala

With kind permission from the very talented Safya Omarjee, we’ve uploaded this lovely video on how to dot a mandala. …

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Shweshwe Santa Tutorial

You’ll enjoy painting Shweshwe Santas for Christmas. You can give them as gifts, decorate your Christmas Dinner table with them …

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Christmas pudding

Christmas Pudding: Tutorial

Christmas time brings wonderful memories of traditional Christmas Puddings. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to paint your own rock Christmas Pudding. …

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Rose Stencil: Tutorial

The Rose stencil is a guide that you can use to position and draw a rose without drawing it freehand. …

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How to use a stencil: Tutorial

The stencil is a guide that allows you to position a shape without having to draw it freehand. Stencils can …

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Painting a rock

Rock Painting: Getting Started with the Complete Starter Kit

For those who have never painted rocks but have heard about the painted rocks kindness movement and would love to …

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How it all started

Cape Town Rocks Facebook group on the Easter weekend of 2017 and this is how the group was formed. I …

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Bumble Bee Tutorial

Bumble Bees are very cute to paint and a great starting place for any age. If you’ve bought the Bumble …

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paint a rock

Paint a leaf on a rock using Rock Paint paints and varnish

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Christmas Shapes Tutorial

Making Christmas decorations for your Christmas tree is such fun and you can paint them with your kids too. To …

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