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Bumble Bee Tutorial

Bumble Bees are very cute to paint and a great starting place for any age. If you’ve bought the Bumble Bee Starter Kit, you’ll find Canary Yellow, Jet Black, Lily White, a small Fairy Dust, a brush, a dotting tool and a suitable pebble. If you don’t have the kit, you can buy the paints online and start your own collection of top quality Rock Paints. Follow the step-by-step instructions, the pictures appear underneath each set of instructions.

Step 1: You can use either a White Pencil or any normal pencil to draw a straight line all around the pebble, about a third of the way from one of the shorter ends of the oval pebble.

Step 2: Using Lily White, paint the pebble all around the bigger part, keeping your edge, where you have marked the line, as neat as you can. The paint should be applied in a thin coat with no thick areas of paint.

Step 3: Allow the paint to dry then do the same to the underside of the rock.

Step 4: When dry, give both sides another layer of white paint and if it looks like it needs a third layer then apply that too.

Step 5: When the white is completely dry on both sides, you can start with the Canary Yellow paint, first on the front, allow to dry, paint the underside and give the pebble a second layer once dry.

Step 6: While you wait for paint to dry, you can paint the centre of the flower using Jet Black. Be sure to get the paint right into the groove. Once dry, if it looks like it needs another layer of paint, then give it one.

Step 7: Back to the Bumble Bee, your yellow paint should be nice and dry. You can carefully paint the head area using your Jet Black paint, being sure to keep the line where the head meets the body, as neat as you can. Once dry, use a normal pencil, draw evenly spaced lines all the way down the body, approximately 5 lines. At the base, just draw an oval.

Step 8: Using Jet Black, paint alternate stripes, leaving the inbetween ones yellow. Keep your lines as clean and neat as you can. Paint the top first, allow to dry then paint the underneath part. Paint a second later of black over the stripes if needed.

Step 8: Back to the little flower, Paint the petal area using Lily White paint, be sure to paint the edges of the wood as well. Keep your painting as neat as you can where the white meets the black centre of the flower. Once dry, paint a second layer of white and allow to dry.

Step 9: Paint the petal area using Canary Yellow, remembering to paint the edge of the wooden cut-out flower. Give the petals a second coat. Your flower is complete.

Step 10: Using the finest end of your dotting tool, dip the ball part into your black paint and apply a small dot in one of the yellow stripes, very close to the black edge. Drag the paint with the dotting tool so the dot meets the black stripe. Continue to do this all around the stripes being careful to allow one section to dry at a time so you don’t smudge the tiny lines.

Step 11: Using a White Pencil, or a normal pencil, draw two circles on the head area of the bumble bee.

Step 12: Using Lily White again, carefully paint the circles for the eyes, keep your layer of paint this and apply another one or two layers as the layers dry.

Step 13: Using the bigger end of your dotting tool, dip the metal ball into your black paint and make the pupils inside the white eyes, for a cute look, place the black dots towards the top right of the white circles.

Step 14: Once the paint is dry, use the smaller end of your dotting tool again and place a tiny white dot towards the top right of the black pupils to create a highlight.

Step 15: Using a White Pencil or a normal pencil, carefully mark out the wings, starting at the centre of the body where the body part meets the head area, draw a line straight down the centre of the body, then curve your line to make a wing shape. Do the same for the other wing.

Step 16: Using Lily White paint again, paint the outlines of the wings, keeping your line as neat and thin as you can.

Step 17: Once the lines are dry, draw lines down the centre of the wings with your pencil and paint the lines again, keeping them neat and thin.

Step 18: Draw and paint additional line fron your centre line, meeting the outside edges of the wings.

Step 19: Once your lines are all dry, mix up a bit of diluted white paint in a mixing dish buy adding a drop of paint to the dish and adding a drop of water from your brush to it as well. Mix the paint with the water and paint the wing shapes. You should be able to see the bee through the paint if it’s been diluted enough.

Step 20: When the white paint is dry, apply a few layers of Fairy Dust over the wing areas. Allow the Fairy Dust to dry between each layer. Fairy dust takes a bit longer to dry than the paint because of its gel-like consistency.

Your very cute Bumble Bee and little flower are complete. Well done!

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