Rock Painting: Getting Started with the Complete Starter Kit

Painting a rock

For those who have never painted rocks but have heard about the painted rocks kindness movement and would love to be involved, here’s a whole bunch of tips on how to get started and paint your first rock. If you order a Complete Starter Kit online, it will be delivered to your door and you […]

How it all started

Cape Town Rocks Facebook group was started on the Easter weekend of 2017 and this is the story of how it all began. I took part a 100-Day creative challenge which my sister Chelsea introduced me to. The creative challenge was to paint or write, or do any creative activity for 100 consecutive days and […]

Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint is a wonderful, thick, chalky paint that gives amazing, opaque coverage. You can use it as a base coat before applying colour paint. It’s water-based, so very easy to clean up afterwards. Although you could use the Lily White we have in our Rock Paint range as an undercoat, Lily White can also […]

Brush Care

Looking after your brushes carefully will prolong their lifespan and make them a pleasure to work with. Find out how to care for your brushes. When using PaintWhen dipping your paint brush into paint, dip only half way or just over half way up the bristles, don’t dip right up to the metal part because […]

Painting fine detail with a brush

Fine line tutorial

Fine detail can be tricky and we tend to prefer using a pen for detail because we’re used to pens. The problem with paint pens and gel pens are that they are not well suited to rock painting. The rock surface is different to paper, rougher and more abrasive, and the pens tend to clog, […]