Chalk Paint
By Barbara

By Barbara

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Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint is a wonderful, thick, chalky paint that gives amazing, opaque coverage. You can use it as a base coat before applying colour paint. It’s water-based, so very easy to clean up afterwards.

Although you could use the Lily White we have in our Rock Paint range as an undercoat, Lily White can also be used for very fine detail as it has good brush retention and coverage. When using Lily White as an undercoat, you might use 3 to 4 thin layers, especially if the base colour of the object you’re painting is dark (like a dark rock).

Chalk Paint has an advantage because it’s thick and gloopy so you’ll only need one or two layers to create a complete white coverage. It’s time-saving and the chalky surface created is perfect for painting on top of with Rock Paint. It’s almost like a ‘paper’ surface which absorbs the moisture from your paint, making it dry quickly.

The only thing that Chalk Paint is not suitable for is fine detail. It’s perfect for base coats.

Chalk Paint also has the advantage of smoothing out rough surfaces like pitted rocks. It won’t remove the holes and pits completely but it does a great job making the rock smoother and easier to paint on top of.

Using Chalk Paint
Your surface, be it a rock or craft project, should be clean and dry. Paint one layer of Chalk Paint, using a wide flat brush. I use a Flat 8 brush. You can smooth out any brush texture as you paint. Allow the paint to dry then paint a second layer. You’re ready to paint your design on top of this once the second layer is completely dry.

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