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By Barbara

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Rock Painting: Easter Bunnies

Bunnies are delightful to paint any time of the year, especially Easter! Follow this step-by-step rock painting tutorial to create your own painted Easter Bunny rocks.

Paints used in this tutorial are Lily White, Vespa Green, Piggy Pink and Jet Black. Alternative background Dragon’s Gold and bow detail can be Watermelon Pink.

Step 1: Find a couple of nice flat, smooth pebbles, approximately 6cm or 7cm in diameter.

Step 2: Paint the pebble with Lily White paint. The pebble will probably need two coats of white undercoat.

Step 3: Using a nice sharp pencil, start by drawing the ears of the bunny. Draw quite lightly so that the pencil marks are easy to erase later.

Step 4: Draw the oval head shape of the bunny and the neck.

Step 5:
Using Vespa Green (or a different colour if you prefer for the background), paint the background colour around the pencil marks, keeping your line clean and your paint smooth. 

Step 6: If the background colour needs a second coat, allow the first coat to dry then apply a second coat. Once this is dry, you can erase the pencil lines.

Step 7: Lightly draw in the inside of the ears and the cheeks.

Step 8: Paint the ear insides and the cheeks using Piggy Pink paint.

Step 9:
 Mark the positions of the small eyes using your pencil then, using a dotting tool or a brush, paint in the eyes and nose with Jet Black paint.

Step 10: Using a fine brush and black paint, paint a thin line from the middle of the nose, running down towards the chin.

Step 11: Using black paint and your fine brush, paint the little mouth.

Step 12: Using a fine brush and black paint, paint in the whiskers. It’s best to lightly mark them in with pencil beforehand. Wipe off your brush between each whisker to keep the brush clean and fine pointed.

Step 13:
Paint the other set of whiskers using the same instructions for step 12.

Step 14. Using Piggy Pink or Watermelon Pink, paint a little bow on the base of the ear. You can paint a little scarf around the neck instead.

Step 15: Once the bow is dry, add little white dots using a dotting tool.

Your Easter Bunny is complete and you can paint some more bunnies with variations such as one floppy ear, different bows or scarves and different coloured backgrounds.

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