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Brush Care

Looking after your brushes carefully will prolong their lifespan and make them a pleasure to work with. Find out how to care for your brushes.

When using Paint
When dipping your paint brush into paint, dip only half way or just over half way up the bristles, don’t dip right up to the metal part because paint will get in under the metal area and be impossible to dislodge, it will dry there and start causing the brush bristles to splay and the brush will lose its shape.

While Painting
While you’re painting, the paint on your brush will start to dry so it’s advisable to rinse your brush regularly in water. To do this, have a glass jar filled a third of the way with clean water and when the water starts to get very murky with paint, tip it out and refresh with clean water.

Rinsing your brush while working
Take care when rinsing your brush, don’t jab it on the bottom of the water jar because the glue that holds the brushes in place will become damaged and the bristles will start to splay and the brush will lose its shape, To rinse your brush, wiggle it in the water then gently push the bristles against the side of the jar, below water level. You’ll be able to see the paint dislodging from the brush.

Cleaning up
When you’ve finished painting for the day and you’re ready to pack up, never leave your brushes ‘soaking’ in water, this is not good for the glue area that holds the top of the bristles together under the metal bit, and it will distort the shape of the more delicate brushes. Once you’ve rinsed your brushes thoroughly in water, you can use your brush cleaner.
Drip a few drops of Brush Cleaner into a small glass jar then add some clean water, the ratio should 1:4 but it works perfectly well when even more diluted. Wiggle the brush in the solution and gently dab the brush against the sides of the glass jar, in the solution. Remove the brush and rinse it one more time in plain, clean water. Then dry the brush gently on an old tea towel or paper serviette to absorb the water. Reshape the brush with your fingers. 

Rock Paint Brush Cleaner
It’s a delightful smelling, Zesty Orange Citrus Brush Cleaner: An all-purpose, concentrated cleaner, specially formulated by Go-Green Naturally. This brush cleaner is full-strength and can be diluted with water. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and kind to your skin. Suitable for all Rock Paint water-based craft paints, varnish or primer and comes in a 50ml dropper bottle.

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