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Halloween Painted Shapes

October is always a fun time of year, culminating in Halloween on the last day of the month. For those who enjoy all the excitement of Halloween, we have some gorgeous cut-out wooden shapes, hand made by our friendly, funny, local carpenter. The shapes are all approximately 10cm high and perfect for painting and decorating. The set of 5 shapes are Cat, Bat, Ghost, Pumpkin and Skull and I’ll show you how to paint them (see below).

Black Halloween Cat

Step 1: Using Jet Black, paint the one side of the cat
Step 2: Paint the little edges all around the cat and inside the eyes taking care to leave no wood showing through
Step 3: Paint the other side of the cat, allow to dry then give it a second coat on both sides if needed. One coat might be enough
Step 4: Using a white pencil, draw a little heart shape for the nose
Step 5: Using Piggy Pink, paint the little heart shape
Step 6: Give the heart a second coat of Piggy Pink
Step 7: Cut out the little eye paper shapes provided and stick them behind the eyes using either Pritt or Primer (only do this if you want colour in the eyes, the cat will look good without the colour paper as well)

White Halloween Ghost

Step 1: Using Lily White, paint the shape with a thin layer of white taking care not to leave lumpy areas of paint, the first layer of white won’t look good but the paint will be absorbed by the wood and make a good base for the second layer.
Step 2: Paint the other side of the ghost
Step 3: Paint the edges of the wood taking care to cover all the wood
Step 4: Give the ghost a second layer of Lily White on both sides and when dry, give it a third coat

Black Halloween Bat

Step 1: Paint the bat using Jet Black paint
Step 2: Be sure to paint all around the edges, leaving no wood peeking through
Step 3: Paint the other side of the bat as well, once dry, give a second coat of paint if needed
Step 4: Using a white pencil, drw two big round eyes
Step 5: Using an earbud, do a nice big round dot for the eye using Lily White
Step 6: Do the second eye using an earbud as well
Step 7: Once the white is completely dry, use an earbud again to carefully dot the black pupils, place them on the inside of the two white circles so the bat gets a squint look, this will help make him look cute
Step 8: Using a white pencil, draw a very skew smile (also for cuteness)
Step 9: Paint the skew smile using Piggy Pink paint, when dry it might need a second layer of Piggy Pink
Step 10: Paint little white fangs or either side of the skew smile

Orange Halloween Pumpkin

Step 1: Paint the pumpkin white using Lily White paint
Step 2: Be sure to paint the edges as well
Step 3: Give the pumpkin a second coat of white paint. This will help the rich bright orange colour to display as it should
Step 4: Using a normal pencil, mark out the base of the stem area
Step 5: Using Naartjie Orange, paint around the stem base
Step 6: Paint the first layer of Naartjie Orange, paint the edges of the wood as well
Step 7: Paint a second layer of Naartjie Orange
Step 8: Paint the stem area using parsley Green

Halloween Candy Skull

Step 1: Paint the skull white using Lily White Paint
Step 2: Be sure to paint all the edges
Step 3: Give the skull a second and third coat of Lily White paint
Step 4: Using a normal pencil, make small marks around the eyes as a guideline for your petals. Start with a mark at North, then directly below it at South, then East and West. These do not have to be 100% accurate. Then make marks half-way between the ones you have already done, then again, half-way between those. You’ll end up with 16 little pencil marks.
Step 5: Draw little scalloped petals between the marks. If you are confident enough to paint the petals without drawing them first, then go ahead, it’s fewer pencil marks to erase later.
Step 6: Paint the petal shapes all around the eye area using Jet Black and remember to paint the inside edge of the eye as well (the side of the wood)
Step 7: Give the petals a second coat is needed
Step 8: Draw a centre line through the skull keeping your lines very light so that they can be easily erased once all the paint is completely dry

Halloween Candy Skull continued

Step 9: Draw a heart shape on the forehead and an upside-down heart shape below the nose, reaching towards the two centre teeth. You can erase the positioning pencil lines inside the hearts
Step 10: Paint the top heart using Naartjie Orange
Step 11: Paint the bottom heart using Periwinkle Blue
Step 12: Draw two gentle arcs with a pencil, in the eyebrow area
Step 13: Draw little leaves along the stem
Step 14: Paint the leaves using Parsley Green
Step 15: Draw a petal shape from the side of the nose area, into the cheek area
Step 16: Draw another petal shape into the jaw area

Halloween Candy Skull continued

Step 17: Draw a smaller petal under the nose, above the blue heart then do the same on the other side
Step 18: Paint the small petals using Naartjie Orange
Step 19: Paint the cheek-bone petals using Parsley Green
Step 20: Paint the jaw petals using Piggy Pink. If any of the petals need a second layer, do that once the paint is dry
Step 21: Draw a simple flower shape above each eye
Step 22: Paint both flowers using Naartjie Orange and give a second coat of paint if needed, but only when the first layer is completely dry
Step 23: Draw a half flower on the temple area, on both sides
Step 24: Using Periwinkle Blue, paint the flower on both sides

Continued: more step-by-step instructions will follow to paint your Candy Skull

Halloween Candy Skull continued

Step 25: Draw another 2 half-flowers at the top of the head
Step 26: Paint the flowers using Periwinkle Blue
Step 27: Draw some more half-flowers and some half circles in the spaces left (see picture)
Step 28: Paint these flowers using Periwinkle Blue paint
Step 29: Paint the inside of the blue flowers using Jet Black, leave a white outline around the black centres
Step 30: Draw a heart shape using a pencil, on the inside of the orange and blue hearts
Step 31: Paint the hearts using jet Black
Step 32: Draw a V-shape, using a pencil, on the inside of the two orange flowers

Halloween Candy Skull continued

Step 33: Paint the V-area black using Jet Black paint
Step 34: Paint black petals inside the pink petals, using Jet Black paint
Step 35: Paint fine black lines for stems of the green leaves and below the orange heart, from the base of the stems to the black heart
Step 36: Paint white petals inside the green petals, using Lily White
Step 37: Using either an earbud or a dotting tool, make dots all around the eyes, inside the black flower petals and three around the top heart, using Piggy Pink
Step 38: Again, using either an earbud or a dotting tool, make black dots on the base of the leaf stems, on the top heart stem, inside the orange flowers, inside the white petals (on the green petals) and at the base of those nose petals.
Step 39: And. last time, u
sing either an earbud or a dotting tool, make white dots inside both heart shapes and inside the black petals on the pink petals. You’re done! Well done if you persevered this far!
Slide 40: Your Halloween Candy Skull is complete, you can give it a coat of varnish.

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