Rock Painting Tips

  • You can purchase rocks from garden nurseries, river rocks are best. We also sell them at this link.
  • Rocks should be clean and free of sand. Wash in warm, soapy water if needed.
  • If you want to leave part of the rock exposed, paint on a thin layer of varnish which will soak into the rock and bring out the colour
  • If the rock has a rough surface, give it an undercoat of primer
  • To bring out the best in your paint colours, first undercoat the area with 2 to 3 layers of Lily White paint
  • Stick labels on the back of rocks with primer then give 2 to 3 coats of varnish
  • To seal rocks, give 2 or 3 coats of varnish

Care of Brushes

  • When dipping into paint, dip only half way up the bristle part, not right up to the metal
  • Rinse gently in water
  • When painting for a while with one colour, don’t allow the paint to start thickening or hardening on the brush, rather rinse, pat dry and continue
  • Don’t leave the brush standing in water, rinse and pat dry with a cloth / tissue
  • When finished painting for the day, you can gently wash the brush in sunlight liquid & warm water, rinse, pat dry keeping the brush shape correct
  • Never push down hard on the front of the brush when painting or cleaning the brush, making the bristles splay out, this damages the top part holding them in shape