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Painted Honey Bees

You can use any flat, oval pebble to create your cutie. Paints used are Lily White, Jet Black, Canary Yellow and Fairy Dust. Once complete, you can varnish your Honey Bee with Rock Paint Varnish to prevent scuffing and to keep it water resistant.

Step one: Use any smooth, fat, oval pebble. Make sure it’s rinsed under water and dry.
Step two: Paint your pebble with a thin white undercoat using Lily White. allow it to dry and paint a second and third coat till the pebble is completely white.
Step three: Paint the whole pebble using Canary Yellow, allow to dry and paint another coat.
Step four: Using a pencil, draw the head area at about a the quarter mark of the pebble.
Step five: Paint the head area black using Jet Black paint. Try keep your edge line clean and straight.
Step six: Paint the Bee’s stripes evenly apart, right around the pebble.
Step seven: Paint two white dots for eyes, using Lily White paint, allow to dry and give a second coat.
Step eight: Paint tiny black dots inside the white dots for the pupils, using Jet Black paint.
Step nine: Paint thin outlines for the wings using Lily White.
Step ten: Take a little blob of Lily White paint and dilute it by dipping your brush first in plain water then mixing it with the blob of paint. Using this diluted white paint, fill in the wings so that they are semi-transparent and you can see the bee’s stripes underneath the wings.
Step eleven: Once the wings are dry, paint fine lines for the veins of the wings using Lily White (undiluted).
Step twelve: Fine lines pictured on both wings. Allow to dry.
Step thirteen: Paint a thin layer of Fairy Dust over the wing area on both wings, allow to dry and paint another layer. The more layers you paint, the more glitter will be applied to the wings but you need to allow the Fairy Dust gel to dry between each layer for best effect.
Final result: Your cute bee is complete.

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