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Rock Painting Tutorial: Penguin

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to create your own painted rock Penguin. Paints used in this tutorial are Lily White, Jet Black, Rosebud Pink and Nasturtium Orange. If you would like to add extra details like flowers in the penguin’s flippers, you might need some additional colours.

Penguin rocks are the cutest characters ever and quite quick to paint. You can create your penguin on either a dark or light rock and the rocks should be oval in shape. Follow the steps below, to paint your penguin rock.

You can purchase our Penguin Starter Kit which comes with everything you need to paint your penguin.

  • 50ml Jet Black
  • 50ml Lily White
  • 50ml Nasturtium Orange
  • 50ml Rosebud Pink
  • A round brush
  • A dotting tool
  • One suitable pebble to paint your own Penguin

Step 1: You’ll need one or two smooth, flattish, oval pebbles and you’ll need to decide if the rocks are light in colour or dark in colour as there are 2 possible ways of painting the penguin. If your rock colour is somewhere in between, just follow the instructions below when painting the white areas and the black areas.

Step 2: If your rock is very light in colour, you can leave it as is or you can give it a quick, coat of Lily White paint to make it lighter.

Step 3: The dark pebbles don’t need any undercoat, so go ahead and use a normal pencil or a white pencil to mark out an oval shape all around the rock, give the outline a heart shape at the top, and two arms / flippers at the sides.

Step 4: If you have a light rock, mark out the oval, heart shape and flipper shapes using a normal pencil.

Step 5:
On the dark rock, carefully paint in the inside area using Lily White paint and allow to dry. This first coat can be quite thin so that it dries quickly. Apply a second coat of Lily White paint and a third coat if needed as each layer dries. You should end up with a nice flat white colour for the inside of the penguin on your dark rock. Once all the paint is dry, erase your pencil lines with an eraser.

Step 6: If you’re using a light rock, paint the outside area using Jet Black paint, allow to dry and give a second coat of black if needed.

Step 8: Turn the light-coloured rocks over and paint the back with Jet Black paint. Once all the paint is dry, erase your pencil lines with an eraser.

Step 9: To add a pink blush to the cheeks, use a little Rosebud Pink paint and blend in using some of your white paint.

Step 10: Mark positions for the penguin’s eyes with a pencil first then dot small black eyes using a dotting tool and Jet Black, straight from the paint pot.

Step 11: To paint the beaks, first mark out a tiny heart using your pencil then use Nasturtium Orange and paint the tiny heart, using your paintbrush.

Step 12: Your little penguin is complete! You can add some additional detail to the penguin by painting little sprigs of lavender, flowers or leaves, but the penguins look just as cute without.

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