Rock Labels

Click on any of the icons below to download an A4 pdf file with labels to print, cut out and stick to the bottom of your rock before hiding it.

Sticking labels securely
We don’t want rock labels falling off and causing litter. The best product to use for labels is Rock Paint Primer.
Dip a finger into the primer and rub a thin layer onto the rock. Do the same for the back of the label once you’ve cut it out. Stick the label onto the rock, position it nicely and lastly, rub more primer over the label, making sure that the edges are flattened and flush with the rock. Primer makes the paper of the label soft and malleable so that it clings well to the uneven rock surface.

When the primer is dry (it dries quickly), varnish the label with a couple layers of Rock Paint Varnish.

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